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    On May 1-2, 2010, Nashville, Tennessee received 13.57 inches of rainfall, forcing the Cumberland River to 12 feet above flood stage. Flooding spread throughout Nashville and surrounding areas, taking 11 lives and impacting thousands more. Mayor Karl Dean asked the Nashville Public Library to document the flood and the outpouring of support that followed. Beginning in January 2011, library staff and volunteers conducted oral interviews with citizens, city officials, and local organization leaders from neighborhoods throughout the city.

    This effort resulted in the creation of the Flood 2010 Collection, which includes 174 interviews as well as photographs, narratives, newspaper articles, and other documents related to the flood.

  • Testimonials

    • Here is where we put info about the challenges people faced getting back to normal

      Homeless for Weeks
    • Here is where we put quotes from the Oral histories about the beginning of the rain

      It Just Kept Raining
    • Chandler pics 478

      This is the church I got married in. When I drove by after the flood, it broke my heart to see it in disarray. It has been rebuilt today but much of the area surrounding it is gone.

      Amber’s Test