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  • Shortly after the May flood waters subsided, the Main library staff retrieved an array of items that document the historic aspects of the event. The Special Collections Division, in partnership with institutions throughout the city, collected 173 oral histories, still images, text, audio video and documents of the aftermath. This collection is now open to the public at the Main branch of Nashville Public Library. This content on this site is just a sampling of the numerous resources housed in this collection.
  • Phases

    Phase One: City Officials and First Response Teams

    These interviews including conversations with government officials like mayors, police officers, emergency dispatchers, fire fighters, emergency management managers, and others that responded immediately to the flooding throughout the city.

    Phase Two: Business and Community Members

    These interviews focused on personal experiences and included conversations with residents that were displaced due to the flooding, relief workers from across the country, as well as community leaders like professors, religious leaders, and community center directors.

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    • Here is where we put info about the challenges people faced getting back to normal

      Homeless for Weeks
    • Here is where we put quotes from the Oral histories about the beginning of the rain

      It Just Kept Raining
    • Chandler pics 478

      This is the church I got married in. When I drove by after the flood, it broke my heart to see it in disarray. It has been rebuilt today but much of the area surrounding it is gone.

      Amber’s Test
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